Sunday, March 10, 2013

further adventures in portland

on the request of the seester's boyfriend, we ventered into both coast city comics and casablanca comics.  according to him [this was maybe my second time in a comic book store...ever] coast city was more what he was looking for - slightly dingy, underground, a little hipster, but dear god not so terribly mainstream like casablanca. 
mostly i was just amazed at the adorkable things around every corner.  coast city had creepycute zombie foods and star wars spudtrooper!  plus a pinball corner and what i can only describe as the dangerzone - discount comics that i have every intention of cutting up/mod podging/crafting with.  i am still on my self-imposed shopping ban until this whole house thing comes together so i refrained.  but oh so painfully.
casablanca on the other hand had doctor who and totoro.  lets recap.  comics, or TOTORO DUST BUNNY SOOT SPRITE PLUSHIES!!!  i think i found my winner.  plus casablanca had more graphic novels [not just the disturbing manga kind] including some with adorable woodland creatures, and owl named owly, and an illustrated wrinkle in time.  i'll be going back there ... with all my moneys from oh wait no im buying and refurbishing a house.  right.

fyi my birthday is in november.  but i take totoro presents any time of year.  like now.  thx.
in case you wondered what random street corner in portland looks like..heres a shot in the west end.  old brick tenement buildings a block long [with itty bitty condos within selling for about $150k] bare trees just surviving the clutches of winter, dirty terrible snow, and salt riddled cars.  but blue sky somewhere up there as well. 
we also happened upon simply scandanavian which is home to scandanavian imports of all varieties.  food, furniture, decor, accessories, books, and most importantly, MOOMINS!!!  my other ridiculously cute obsession [that i really know very little about], the finnish moomins of moominvalley [::dies of cute::] are squishy hippo-looking creatures that apparently are actually trolls.  i spent a couple years in high school searching for who will comfort toffle, a book my grandparents had from my dad's year abroad in finland.  turns was recently re-released, but my grandparents hear about my search and gave me the original for christmas one year!
things i like: kitties and moomins and mobiles. 
other sightings included bacon versus tofu and a ridiculously cute squirrel nut bowl at wylers, frank playing in tissue paper from my sister's presents, and an eeever so sightly evil looking fat pig face at the hong kong market

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