Sunday, March 17, 2013

the end of restaurant week

only posted a week or two late..  and pretty much entirely out of order

lunch at zapoteca.  tacos de pato, guacamole con langosta, homemade ice cream for dessert.  the guac was a little less than to be desired.  basically, it was a smashed up avocado with lobster chunks.  it could have used maybe some lime, salt, pepper, and even dare i say, some tomato?  at least thats how i generally make my guac.  but i'm not an authentic mexican chef or a trained sous chef.  so i know nothing.  the duck tacos with arugula, cabbage, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and spicy sauce were good.  not spectacularly life changing, just "glad i didnt pay $30 for this lunch" good.  the duck was a little chewy, the flavors didnt quite seem to go together, but A+ for presentation.  and homemade ice cream, no complaints there.  except my blurry picture.

after lunch, a wander through the old port, and my favorite of all kitchen stores - leroux
after perusing the aisles of kitchen gadgets we want/need/hope for one day we stared longingly at the truffle case.  thats right.  a whole refrigerated case of handmade truffles.  and arent they just the most freakin adorable things ever?
following a round of korean food and before several hours of darts... the crew stopped in a bakery i had passed probably 40 times - mornings in paris.  now we were told they were closing in the next 10 minutes, and i had never been in as it usually closes around 7..  but 6 pieces of cake later, several coffees, and probably 10 additional patrons, they stayed open.  between 8 of us, ridiculous amounts of cake were shared.  chocolate irish cream, peanut butter filled, red velvet, chocolate coffee mousse, you name it, we had it.  and one of the guys missed dinner, so he grabbed a burger and fries.  fries go surprisingly well with dark chocolate cheesecake...

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