Saturday, March 30, 2013

progress report

thus far i have purchased 97 pounds of plaster and slathered ..92 pounds of it on the walls. 
click through for a rather rambling and large-picture-heavy continuation
i have had one incident of "OH MY GOD I BOUGHT A HOUSE AND EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG AND I'M THE ONLY ONE RESPONSIBLE NOW".  that was when the boiler abruptly stopped working one night.  hot water was running fine when i arrived after work, 11pm when i was rinsing paint brushes trying desperately to go home and sleep... lo and behold, theres no hot water.  and wait... it seems cold in here.  and i havent heard the boiler go in a few hours.. ooooh shit. 

but a quick [not-so-cheap] service call, and everything is back up and running.  apparently old boilers need weekly lovings.  like checking the water level and draining off sediment.  every 7 days.  or less if the boiler is running more frequently.  gahh. 

other actual progress instead of regress [?] includes haphazardly refinishing the inside of the tiniest closet ever, which has since been primed but not painted
duping my mother into scrubbing the bathroom, kitchen, and finishing my halfhearted attempt at carpet removal
and priming all the new plaster in the living/dining room [off the kitchen - still waffling as to its future use]

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