Friday, March 1, 2013

cracking under pressure

the marketing department at work sent a company wide email to the effect of "free shit in the conference room".  that consisted of shirts and hats emblazoned with our logo and one of our co-branded logos.  now god knows how long theyve been holding onto these things as.. most were xxxxl or xxlt.  someone found me a heavy cotton/canvas shirt and said "i bet you could make something out of this."  i said...challenge accepted.

welp.  slight fail.

yes i made a cute shirtdress.  no it does not fit me.  yes i cut it from a dress that i own.  no that dress does not..exactly fit me.  derp.

things appeared to be going well.  i left seam allowances and errything.
inside seams are serged, armscyes are double stitched, even side slits are finished and squared off.

BUT ITS TOO SMALL.  inches too small.  like i cant button the top.

as i explained to a coworker [and painstakingly reiterated], hobbies are for fun.  i handle work things pretty well under pressure.  stress, too many phone calls, raised expectations, not working a job i ever wanted or knew peanuts about.  fine.  all copacetic.  sewing/baking/crafting on demand?  on command?  like a little sweatshop factory worker?


also a public service announcement.  if youre tired but still want to have crafty time.. do not beer and sew.  i repeat.  no drink no sew.  thank you for your attention.


  1. Do you have a serger Liz? What brand and model is it?

    1. i have a huskylock 905 that my mom gave me. i dont know where she got it [and where the manual has gone since then..] but it apparently does all kinds of fancy stuff. i know how to thread it, serge in a straight lines, and ive only very recently figured out slight curves.


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