Friday, March 8, 2013

how to rescue a chocolate cake

made: german chocolate cake [without the traditional coconut filling] with meyer lemon curd
problem: dry cake/crumb
solution: chocolate pudding

::record scratch:: whaaaat?

as ive mentioned countless times before.. i used to generally be a teeeerrible baker.  whether choosing the wrong recipe [trying to be healthy or vegan or super fancy] or using an inaccurate oven, or simply forgetting a step..results were usually a fail.  simultaneous raw and overcooked.  flat.  disgusting.  texturally ..unsound.  but eventually i sorted it out. 

unlike a coworker who just yesterday said "i cant bake.  its like i have to measure and follow the instructions exactly or something"  yeeea.  cooking is an art.  baking is a science.  you do actually have to measure things.  but i digress
two of arguably the best things in the world - chocolate cake and chocolate pudding.  put them together and you get?
a moussey puddingy slightly lemony bowl of awesome.  and you can quote me on that.

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