Thursday, March 21, 2013

good idea, bad idea

good idea: gallon of sheetrock all-purpose pre-mixed joint compound.  aka mud.
bad idea: gallon of ultra-strip ultimate paint remover.

correctly applied mud can turn a bashed out plaster/wallpaper/paint chunk/bubble/crack into a nice smooth wall.  like servpro says "like it never even happened."  or so i hope.  im not entirely sure how it will take paint+primer without a primer coat.. but i guess trial and error has worked so far for me.

except for paint stripper.  the wonderous gel formula is supposed to be ideal for vertical surfaces.  let sit 15 minutes and scrape away 1-4 or up to 25 layers of paint!  environmentally safe!  non caustic!  odor free!

well i must have been sold the wrong stuff.  imagine trying to spread the most toxic smelling snot over a door.  and, having carefully read the instructions, after starting at the bottom of the door to "avoid gases that may collect at the floor" and using metal container as plastic is ill-advised.  pretty sure that shit burned part of my finger, i had to use mineral spirits to try and scrape the rest away, and then left it to dry overnight in the hopes that i could blissfully paint over my attempt at removal.  but not before throwing away the metal container and cheap brush [partially dissolved] that i used to apply my poison goo.

i am still optimistic that my dark brown trim paint [matches ikea black/brown] will cover any and all sins.  and thankfully, i only bought the smaller quart sized container of paint stripper. 


  1. oh my god. I hate it when that happens. I just bought a rubber mold maker that's supposedly odor free and dries instantly. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    hope that you'll be able to fix it or get a refund!

  2. fortunately i have some spare doors [odd phrase i know] in the garage so once the snow melts i'll try again outside..


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