Sunday, March 3, 2013

mi casa futura!

why do i have a picture of this slightly shabby 1927 buttercup yellow bungalow?

cos its just about my brand new house!!!
closing is scheduled for march 15th!  i wasnt planning on buying until closer to the end of my apartment lease, but after seeing this adorable 1225 square foot house, i pretty much had to have it.  it meets all my qualifications - 3 bedroom, large [workable but improvable] kitchen, natural gas availability nearby, decent sized yard, good neighborhood, easy drive to work and downtown.

the bathroom and kitchen are clearly older than my parents, and it shows.  but other than some light scrubbing, it is move-in-ready!
one of my favorite views so far in the house - from the kitchen into from left - the hallway to the bathroom and my future bedroom, the dining room into the living room, and the future library and access to upstairs
the oh-so-50's pink tile and claw foot tub, porch that needs some love, and the two shotgun style bedrooms upstairs - soon to be a craft room and guest bedroom
20's built-in china cabinet in the sunny dining room
the kitchen will be entirely re-done with the help of ikea cabinets in.. oh, about 3 years?  until then its workable.  i'll just have to do some serious pinterest projects.  say a dresser island?  also, my future bedroom with the smallest closet in the land.  seriously.  why even bother?  but lo and behold, bureaus and free standing clothes racks already play a major role in storage, so hopefully it wont be too crazy...  since i wont be limited to a 1 bedroom apartment, or 1 bedroom in a shared house, i plan to have my bedroom be solely a walk-in closet/jewelry armoire, with a bed.  my computer and peripherals will be elsewhere, as will my mini filing cabinet. 

and just in case you were wondering what the eff the house actually looks like, i drew this up the other night.  reasonably accurate, but totally not to scale.  primarily based on memory and pictures ive taken.  i didnt draw the upstairs due to laziness, and the basement.. well its a basement.  use your imagination.
stay tuned for updates!!  and in a serious bout of OCD, i rearranged my "future house" board on pinterest, for every room individually, including pricing of energy efficient washer/dryer sets. 


  1. That is awesome! Congrats! :)

    1. thanks! i'm gonna have a craft room! so excited!

    2. Im excited for you!!!! Craft room, how great thats going to be!!

  2. Awesome! How exciting! Congratulations, and I'm so looking forward to seeing what kind of projects you take on!

    1. thanks! there will be tons of pics and i'm sure 8 billion more things on pinterest!


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