Saturday, June 11, 2011

blue check square skirt

this is piece 3/4 of the SONP challenge

i took a light blue/brown/white checker cotton and cut rectangles.  then i overcomplicated things and cut both pieces at about a 45 degree angle [twice] to make the front piece and two smaller right triangles for the sides.  then i cruelly stabbed everything into my life-size mannequin with extra long quilting pins.
when i was somewhat satisfied with that, i serged the sides together, evened the top edge, and added a zipper.  somewhat successfully even!
granted, i need to add a hook and eye at the top, for ease of wearing, instead of the usual problem that the zipper falls down spontaneously.  there is a bit of a pucker around the zipper, but the rest of the skirt is full enough i dont think it will be a problem.
i added a waistband and hemmed the bottom.  it turned out a bit like my halloween costume last fall [and i realize i never posted pics of the final outfit..], but hopefully a bit more subtle than shiny metallic gingham. 
le fin

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