Friday, October 15, 2010

pre-halloween costume

blue shiny?  "china silk polyester lining" to be exact.  this has actually been sitting in my room since...february.  but now, my $1.98 yard of fabric has a purpose!  two 33" by 17" rectangles, serged top and bottom, sewn on the sides
tulle super close-up
finished slip/crinoline and...satin/poly blue gingham?
tada!  for my next trick i will sew a dorothy/wizard of oz skirt with suspenders!  be assured dear friends, this is NOT A SLUTTY DOROTHY COSTUME.  or a "sexy wizard of oz" costume.  or anything of the like.  cos indeed-halloween is not dress like a slut day.  i actually dont know if my flimsy crinoline will support any type of skirt..but it gives a silky slip-type lining and avoids the whole see-thru issue of my gingham. 

i was actually hoping to make a dress like in the new alice in wonderland, but couldnt find light blue striped fabric.  or anything even remotely similar.  even on  but the clearance bin at jo-ann's yielded the gingham.  so there.

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