Thursday, October 14, 2010

what to wore to school today

 as suggested by hiking in stilettos, dressing for grad school is basically jeans + top.  and this week has pretty much been about my new [sale!] gap jeans.  unfortunately, i went for the size that fit perfectly when trying on instead of the size smaller that was slightly muffin-top-forming. these jeans stretch out so frikkin much i need a belt after about half an hour and have to be washed and dried between each wearing, totally defeating the purpose of jeans-multiwears. 

monday: diagnosis of environmental disputes
  • jacket: pacsun clearance
  • shirt: calvin klein
  • jeans: gap [already baggy-assed and need to be dried on extra high heat]
tuesday: risk assessment and hazard management
  • sweater: calvin klein
  • scarf: h&m [very similar to the one hiking in stilettos was wearing coincidentally]
  • frilly tank top: j crew [from the sister]
  • jeans: gap $10 clearance!
thursday:  environmental politics and policy
  • sweater: inc from macys
  • scarf: h&m
  • grey satin dress: h&m
  • jeans: gap
  • not pictured-black short wellies: target
only after seeing these last two pics side by side did i realize i pretty much wore the same outfit twice.  skinny jeans with grey top, black and grey scarf and a cardigan.  difference being.. thursday there was a torrential downpour so i was akin to a drowned rat.  and the super-stretch skinny jeans are more obviously stretched out in their second wearing.  damn the man.

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