Monday, October 4, 2010

old lady activities

friday night after the dinner shift at curry club i came home and immediately succumbed to some kind of cold/flu/bacteria/sickness.  yesterday evening i ventured out to buy 2 things: cat food and kleenex.  i am officially a cat lady.  fortunately not to this point yet and i dont tuck tissues into my sleeves.  but that is probably only because i rent a house and frank doesnt play well with others.  and i wear short sleeves most of the time.
he does however think he is master and commander of the tv and enjoys when toni and i watch xfiles marathons. [almost done with season 2]  he can lounge atop the tv with paws and tail hanging down at the most inopportune moments.
i also ambled out to the back yard after totally neglecting my garden for over a week.  fortunately it has been pretty rainy so it hasnt died from my lack of watering
but my lack of attention has produced some mangy looking tomatoes that will be made into a delicious sauce.  tomorrow.  or wednesday.  whenever i have some free time not devoted to homework or snotting all over myself. 

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