Thursday, June 16, 2011

frank and simon's cat

another kitters post?  indeed.  but these were taken for an actual tangible purpose.  simon has a competition going on right now for a ginormous simon's cat prize pack.  here are the instructions:  print out the simon's cat drawing and take a picture of it with your cat.  or pet.  the link previous is my entry.  here are some outtakes.

frank has the odd feeling of being watched
i know youre down there somewhere you little bastard
oh no.  he's sitting right next to me isnt he.
how the hell did you get up here?
oh gawd!  noooooooooo he's cuter than i am.  and makes more burbly noises than i do!


  1. LOL. i actually really did laugh!!! hahaha :D

  2. the simon's cat cut out is still in the shelf..


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