Thursday, June 16, 2011

men's shirt resewing

i hereby declare this my piece #1 for the SONP challenge.  forget that weird trapeze dress. 
xl men's button down
removed the pocket for rearranging.  and yes its a sean "pdiddy" combs brand.  ::sigh::  i liked the colors.
since i cut off the sleeves crooked...i had to add little triangle bits at the sides
with halter ties cos the top isnt quiiiite right.  and its blurry.  eeengh
the buttons moved to the back
back pleat close up
boob ruffle close up
the remaining scraps.  there are two cuffs in there and part of the collar.  the rest is just bits trimmed off here and there.  i cut up the sleeves to make the side triangles and the bias tape.  overall.... a resounding success if i do say so.


  1. i love your dress! i'm not sure i understand how you made it. do you have more detailed instructions? beatiful dress!

  2. i cut off the sleeves and collar and turned the rest of the shirt around. that way, the double-lined portion that is usually across the man's upper back is at the bust line. then i sewed in darts and added bias tape. at the last minute i added the collar back to the front as a ruffle and sewed the bias tape over the top. hope this explanation helps!

    thanks for checking out the blog!


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