Tuesday, June 14, 2011

someone else's crap

thats what thrift stores are for.
like dirty hippy mason jars with handles.  coffee anyone?  or should it be the organic hand picked tears of baby white tea leaves?
octagonal bowls to match my 2 white square plates
creepy kangaroo pendant.  i need to find a longer chain or piece of cording.  its too huge and chipmunk cheeky to be that close to my face

click for various items of clothes i bought this trip and the previous

greek style maxi dress.  should i dye it green?  im not really a yellow person...
paisley skirt is a plus-size 24.  i assume it is to be worn at the waist... but that makes it awkward length.  so really, i saved a larger woman from herself by purchasing this and making it a hip skirt. 
simple corduroy wrap skirt from macy's INC line.  i would have paid much more than $4.99 for this in the retail store.
aaaalmost long enough to be a tunic/dress with leggings.  but the bottom is a bit too sheer and i will have to wear it with pants or a skirt like so.
not entirely sure why i thought this was a good purchase.  the fabric feels nice, but its quite unflattering.  it may make a triumphant return to savers in the next donation bag...
semi-schmancy dress that i must find occasion to wear.  like a cocktail night?  anyone?


  1. Love the little kangaroo pendant!

  2. i so want those mason jar cups!

  3. @erica louise: hope you dont mind i added this to your new link-up even though you obviously already saw the post

    @pj: i think there were two more in the thrift store.. but shipping to oz is expensive

  4. love your finds. The pendent is adorable. The yellow maxi looks nice on you but green sounds good too. I'm your newest follower


  5. @mongs: thanks for checking out the blog, hope you like it!!


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