Wednesday, June 1, 2011

foods i have eaten lately

patriotic deviled eggs [not made by me]
saffron cake [not made by me]
1950's green stuff [not made by me]
raspberry lemon meringue pie [i made the crust and helped with assembly]

grilled chicken and pineapple
blueberry sauce at time ~30 seconds
finished blueberry sauce.  did i strain it?  umm no.  eat the blueberry skins.  theyre healthy.
rhubarb, strawberry, and blueberry sauce
banana chocolate chip brownies
swirly closeup
korilla [food truck] beef kimchi taco and a spicy seitan bhan mi
dumplings with ginger sauce
CHOCOLATE TWINKIE!!!  from lulu bakery


  1. 1. i've only had kimchi once...and it was gross
    2. i want a chocolate twinkie
    3. can you please send recipes for banana chocolate chip brownies, raspberry lemon meringue, and sauce? kthx.

  2. no chocolate if you dont eat your kimchi. banana choco brownies take 6 bananas and 2 sticks of butter. are you sure you want the recipe?


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