Sunday, June 12, 2011

another canvas print

i gave in and bought the canvas on demand creepy barbed-wire honduras pic that i had posted awhile ago ...but i have another print to use from cafe press.  it was cheaper than the COD one so i hope its the same quality.  here are some different pics i am considering.  please leave a comment as to your preference.

sumner beach [now destroyed by earthquake]
outside waitomo caves
banks penninsula
plumeria in broome
turquoise bay
karijini national park


  1. 1 peninsula
    2 sumner beach
    .. but they're all pretty awesome :)

  2. 1. national park
    2. peninsula

  3. Sumner Beach, your mom and i VOTE for that one, cause we like the colors on the houses, and besides, from now on no one will have that same picture...Pops & Mummers


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