Wednesday, June 15, 2011

one shoulder sack dress

a very simple dress for my final SONP post.  it is loosely based on this elie tahari dress that im trying to sell. 
rectangle of fabric, folded in half with a triangle cut out for the neckline.  i added sort of pleats at the front and back neck instead of attempting the crazy ruching the expensive dress has.  perhaps next time.  and though the shoulder connection ended up looking quite a bit better than i thought, i made a little rectangle of fabric and tied it on.  then it looks like a faux tie shoulder.  somewhat classy no?
this is the mini-collage i made for flickr and out of laziness, i posted it instead of all 3 pics individually.  obviously it includes the dress belted, a close up of the shoulder tie, and the back

oh yea.  and here is the 1st SONP dress i made.  obviously i used the wrong type of fabric, but it was much much easier to sew than the sheer gauzey type it should have been

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