Saturday, June 11, 2011

pillowcase dress

i am attempting hideous!dreadful!stinky!'s summer of no pants challenge.  this is dress 2/4.  the first turned ok...ish.  it will be posted later.  maybe.  but its on flickr.  just perhaps not worthy of a real post

after seeing "the sassy pillowcase dress" on my google reader and realizing... welp it only fits a size small i thought.. i can make a pillowcase dress.  and i have two matching 70's [or older] pillow cases. 
and then i saw this pintuck instructional and thought... umm i can modify that.  sort of. 
after stitching each little pleat i thought..oh yea.  i suck at zippers.  soooo elastic.  but as it turns out..i was short on wide white elastic.  and any trip to joann's ends in certain death for my credit card and my attempts at reducing my fabric stash are quickly dashed.  so i only put elastic in the back half.  and then didnt take any pics of it.  oh well.
dont ask why i cut off my head. 
and belted cos thats probably how ill wear it.

and yes a lot of puzzled thinking and ellipses go into my sewing.  im ok with that.


  1. I love this. Quite often we see pillow case dresses on children, but its great to see them made into fab clothes for adults! Love your dress. I'm doing a weekly link up on my blog - you might be interested in sharing your sewing creations and thrift finds there?

  2. love it!! and if you ever feel like making one for oooh let's say.... a sassy curly haired friend in KC.... feel free :)

  3. @erica louise: i'll definitely be adding to your linkup on recycled-fashion! thanks!

    @kt: if you have tacky/vintage pillowcases...bring them to dc. i need an-above-boobs chest measurement too.


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