Sunday, September 1, 2013

nearly instant wall art

aka - how to hang a tea towel on the wall
what you need:
  • 16x20 canvases [slightly stretched over wood frames - just the cheap kind]
  • a hammer
  • picture hanging brackets
  • tape measure
  • heavy duty staple gun
  • extra staples
  • tea towels [mine were from king arthur, but target has a ridic cute assortment]

first: align your canvas frame in the towel.  make sure when its flipped over things line up right.  then staple the top, pull slightly to tighten, and staple the bottom. 
depending how steady your hand is, you may need to hammer the staples all the way in.  i tend to flail with a staple gun, and the kickback ensures every friggin staple sticks out just a bit
next: the corners prove to be a wee bit tricky since several layers of fabric [plus seam allowances] get bulky.  i folded the top corner inverted like wrapping the side of a present.  then after some futzing, i folded the inner [back flap of the top] layer over itself, and pulled the outer edge over, making a double tucked corner.  then staple away.
the towel should stretch slightly, so folds and creases flatten out.  staple the long sides last, but don't pull too tight as it may warp the frame.
locate the top of the frame [the image will be right side up on the back] and measure to the center, nail in the hanging bracket.  voila!
repeat as necessary.

this also works for those fancy pants pieces of wrapping paper you see in expensive stationary stores or "papieries" as they call themselves.  for those however, i used 18x24 frames, which were eeeever so slightly too small.  i wrapped the corners just like a christmas present and creased the folds.
basically in the time span of about 35 minutes, i had 4 framed tea towels and 2 pieces of "vintage" wrapping paper.  stay tuned for all that ish hung up in my house.

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