Sunday, September 8, 2013

organization in rainbow order

after years of storing my nail polish in bins where i couldnt find any particular color on the first try, i gave in and bought a nail polish holder.  this one to be exact.  i then promptly sat it on the floor in the hallway between my bedroom and the bathroom for about 3 months.  i kept thinking i would finish the dungeon-like wall of horror, but ADD and other such things have caught up with me, and it is still half plastered and about 30% complete.  i also need to borrow a shopvac so i stop taking years off the life of my dyson.  so i primed the unfinished wall in the hallway, drilled some holes, and after much pomp and circumstance, finally hung up the rack. 

so nail polish!  all the shiny things in a row!  and access to them so i might do my nails more regularly instead of wearing the same color for 2+ weeks and letting half of the polish chip off.  i also discovered nail polish remover with acetone.  IT IS MAGIC.  i dont have to worry about small children poisoning themselves on acetone, nor do i [as mentioned above] actually do my nails often enough for polish remover toxicity seeping in through my pores.  if thats a thing.  but i just thought of it.  but it takes of regular polish in a couple swipes without all the scrubbing and swearing that i do with non-acetone remover.  also, it removes glitter polish!  expect to see more glitter.  yessss.

also, tomatoes.  ripening in the royg part of the rainbow.  none of that biv business.  indigo.  srsly?  its freakin purple.  or blueish. 

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