Friday, September 20, 2013

future daybed

one of my good friends recently moved from maine to washington dc for work and well.. to finally live with his wife of 8 months.  he left some random stuff with me like his old bed frame, some oddly cut slats, random dishes, bedding, spices, beans and rice, and lamps.  cos apparently asians love lamps.  thats a thing.  anyway, the bed frame and board were my focus.  and i had my parents bring my circular saw by.  a useful tool that ...had no place in my old apartment.  
cos i'm borderline obsessive, id sketched out my plans for the materials and ... the end result is about half way there

since its been about 4 years since i bought my saw.. there was a pretty steep learning curve again.  like i had to google "why does the circular saw blade stop", but only after finding ear plugs and seeking out my safety glasses bought for school.  super stylish no?  if only they fit my nose and not cheeks.  i'll have to keep looking i guess.  anywho, i tightened the bolt on the side [it loosens with use and causes the blade to just stop instead of cutting] and finding a video on "how to use a speed square" and finally realizing the weird steel square i received with a fine homebuilding magazine was actually a legit thing... well i was like a friggin pro.
random boards and 2x4s cut to twin mattress size rather than their haphazard and inconsistent full-size.  now if only i had a twin sized mattress..
but look!  day bed!  and a crapload of pillows that i made and/or stuffed in sort of matching pillow cases!  and .. well the slats shift a little, but enough pillows piled under your butt is comfortable enough for a book and cup of tea.  i'll add a mattress later, or some plywood and upholstery foam.  and head/footboard/side thinger to make it look like an actual daybed.  babysteps people.

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