Tuesday, September 17, 2013

liz's laundry

not that i feel the need to make excuses or justify my absense, but its been a week since anything posted.  live post or pre-scheduled.  i'm having problems allocating time for things as i'm working mornings at the credit firm still, along with going to electrician school in the afternoons and weekend shifts at home depot.  but never fear.  i'm still wearing clothes.

and let me tell you, wearing a pink striped dress with the home depot orange apron gets some attention.  aaand mostly the good kind.
also, some insane humidity a couple weeks ago led to awesome but slightly frizzy hair.  ive cut the front bits since then so it looks less like an asymmetric bob and more like a regular boring haircut.  im gradually getting used to it.  but hair grows.  i'll do better next time.

  • scarf: uniqlo
  • jeans: gap
  • sweater: thrifted
  • tshirt: banana republic via hand-me-down from my sister
on a weirdly cool day [55 degrees between several 90+] i wore a jacket.  it got me some weird looks on campus but ... not sure why as its one of my more staid looks.
  • mini trench: h&m
  • dress, scarf, studded shirt: target
  • leggings: charlotte russe
  • shirt/dress/tunic thing: h&m
  • shorts: uniqlo
  • wrassled back hair: woke up too late for a shower

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