Monday, September 2, 2013

liz's laundry

these outfits don't look too vastly different than what i have been wearing all year.. but they are part of my back to school week!  im sure i wore clothes the other two days.. including a kelly green/bright yellow combo, but failed to take any pics.  
  • dress: thrifted
  • sweater and white bandeau: h&m
  • necklace: steve & barrys [now defunct]

but i have gone back to school for my third attempt.  the legit "ol' college try".  first time around was a bachelor's in civil engineering.  i worked for 2 years after that with... less than stellar results.  ie.. i abhorred it.  so, still naively thinking i could save the world, i went for a master's in systems management, with a focus in renewable energy.  aaaand then couldnt find a job.  so i worked as a credit analyst for the past year and a half, and am now ::drumroll please:: starting an associate's [backwards track i know] in "electrical engineering tech" which segues into a 2 year apprenticeship as an electrician!  

so get ready greater portland area.  this is how your future electricians will be dressed!
  • top previously a skirt: resewn by me
  • skirt: f21
  • necklace and skirt: h&m
  • tank: macys
  • earrings: unknown

we were told nonflammable materials [cotton/denim] are ideal, and no long hair or dangly jewelry.


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