Wednesday, September 4, 2013

some decor updates

frank much prefers precariously lying on a futon covered with a heavy quilt.  that way he can sink his claws into that many more layers of fabric with the potential for mass destruction.  plus then the yellow/black/white/dark brown theme i appear to be going for matches all the better.

the kitchen nearly fully painted with teatowel canvases and washi-taped shelf up
cupcakes in the library along with glass bears from my grandpa
the cat wrapping papered frame, fittingly hung above the cat box..
the recovered ikea poang chair - i debated over whether to make the cover removable, as the original has zippers.  and then remembered how ive removed the original cover all of never.  so i sewed it closed along the bottom.  which was lucky cos i was basically out of green outdoor fabric.  grey pillows to come.
and lastly, finally printed and framed a sketch of my house from an old roommate.  click to enlarge the picture - frank is escaping out of the upstairs on catwings, leaving his jinglebell collar behind.  hanging along side my picture of sumner beach in christchurch new zealand, my thrifted and spray painted peacock, and some paper cranes


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