Tuesday, February 12, 2013

swarovski swag

remember i won something??!  well... i finally made some jewelries this weekend.  and it reminded me of two things.  one: i have the smallest desk in the land.  two: i need a craft room.  but that is for a future post. 
i unpacked the swarovski kit and dug out my jewelry/craft/beading box and ... after a fruitless 20 minute search for wire cutters... used the slightly ghetto wire cutting section on my scissors.  not ideal.

flat snake chain with faux pearl rings and swarovski bicones
an attempt at asymmetric earrings.  lets see if i actually wear them..
silver and peach
black and white peter pan collar
spiral earring findings with beads that match the first necklace
tiger eyes and plastic beads
gaudy gaud gaud pendant.  i have no idea what to put this on.  i dont have a pimp chain.  or an appropriately heavy cord.  and it looks like a pile of sparkle barfed on it.  i'll have to find a very plain outfit to wear this with.  and by that i mean..it probably wont get worn cos i can barely manage normal outfits, much less plain.

there are a couple other things i made and apparently didnt take pics of.  soon.

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