Wednesday, February 13, 2013

curry fish with crispy greens

much less fancy than it sounds.

step 1: defrost random package of slightly freezer-burnt haddock
step 2: try and find appropriate baking dish.  swear and wash out 3 different bowls that are filled with a thin layer of dust and cat hair
step 3: resolve to have kitchen with enough cabinet space
step 4: spray shallow pyrex bowl with pam
step 5: dump fish in bowl
step 6: top with panko, salt, pepper, curry powder, and some turmeric for color
step 7: add some baby saute greens [an overpriced package with baby kale, collard greens, mustard, chard, and other random stuffs]
step 8: spray well with pam
step 9: toss in oven before fully pre-heated to 350
step 10: bake until ... done.  i think it was like 30 minutes.

the greens on top crisped up like kale chips while the ones beneath steamed without getting soggy or overly squishy.  the fish cooked up tender while the panko was still crunchy.  perfecto.

lunch tomorrow

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