Friday, February 8, 2013

liz's laundry

a couple thoughts.  first, i straightened my hair which garnered a lot of compliments at work, criticism from my best friend for not being curly, and made me realize on my attempted way to growing my hair out... the back looks terrible.  so i cut it.  so much for this attempt at medium-length hair.  next, this pink/peach/salmon skirt is the most annoying piece of clothing i own.  and it may have to back in my next goodwill donation bag.  its 2 sizes too big so i figured it could be a hip skirt.  but its lined in cotton which is static city, and its weirdly under-knee length.  lastly, yes we are supposed to have a legit blizzard tomorrow.  and i wore open toed shoes.  i figure its my last chance until... april.

  • top: tj maxx
  • tank: gap
  • skirt: thrifted
  • tights: unknown
  • top: f21
  • skirt: thrifted
  • scarf: h&m
  • leggings: charlotte russe
  • dress: target
  • tank: macys
  • necklace: a little shop downtown
  • pants: h&m
  • shoes: dsw
  • top: fashion bug [$4 clearance!]
  • pants and scarf: h&m
  • necklaces: various


  1. You look like a dancer in your first pic! It's awesome. Is your hair naturally curly instead of straight? love love love the red necklace and shoes.

  2. thanks! my hair is naturally curly but the inbetween brownish color is obviously not. i wondered if the neckline of the dress/tanktop with the red necklace would be too busy, but was running late and wore it anyway


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