Monday, February 25, 2013

adventures of the interior kind

in the grocery store the other day, the maine home + design magazine called out to me.  the last issue i bought was ...probably about a year ago, and was all about their super-insulated eco homes and designers.  this one was interior design and sadly... was a little disappointing.

obviously i want an all-white and stainless kitchen with white marble counter tops.  i want to be able to support local artists and match my decor and furnishings to one of their original paintings.  i want hand-tooled newel posts lining my staircase.  i want giant picture windows showcasing my million dollar ocean view.

actually.. i really would just settle for a larger kitchen and less neighbors.  but nevertheless, a good friend and i ventured out in a mini nor-easter to attend the annual maine home remodeling & gardening show last weekend.  a little more to my price range but i do have to say.

my god.

there is some tacky shit out there.  who doesnt want a tropical colored penny tile backsplash and matching cabinets with huge gawdy sparkle handles.  well when i word it that way, seriously, who doesnt want sparkle handles.  but i did get some good contacts and ideas of which companies around here do what in regards to home repairs, which will be perfect for my next project.
which is not adding a mini sauna to my apartment.  to be continued...


  1. oh come on, go for that mini spa!! just make sure it has sparkly handles!

    1. hahha i pretty much work in a sauna ...and today the building management threatened to tape our windows shut for our next impending blizzard. but seriously, sparkle handle all the things!


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