Sunday, February 3, 2013

heart this dress?

remember this little beaut?  awkward midi length printed corduroy with armscyes dangerously nearing side-boob territory.  much improved.

as evidenced here... fine-wale corduroy in dry staticy apartment picks up everything.  i dont even know what i own that is white and fluffy.  i have a black cat, blackish hair, a veritable rainbow of sweaters, and brown faux fur accessories.  i digress.
prior to chopping 14" off the bottom of the dress, i popped in boob darts and decided i quite liked the resulting teardrop shaped armscyes.  after hemming the bottom i thought ... hm.  perhaps a back cut-out is in order.  its heavy woven cotton so there shouldnt be too much weird pulling, i have more than enough fabric for bias tape, and i will actually try it on and mark my bra line so the cut-out isnt too low. 

well i tried.
the corduroy is ever so slightly stretchy and i didnt interface the back.  cos im lazy.  so its a little wonky.  i'll see what happens when i wash it... and if its still messed up i guess i'll sew some fabric [lace maybe?] back under it to flatten out the top and bottom of the heart. 


  1. I like the tear drop effect too! Kudos for the heart cutouts, I've never tried it before. So very Valentine's-y ehh? :)

  2. thanks! id seen a lot of pictures and added some tutorials to pinterest, but of course attempted the lazy way. and i didnt even think of valentines.

  3. I love this! It would look super cute with lace too, but is just as cute without it!
    I have a wordpress blog, it's, I'd love for you to check it out. I do refashions too, but I'm just getting started.
    Have a great day!

  4. thanks! i will probably add lace to it ..eventually. and i'll definitely check out your blog!

  5. Hi Liz!
    I LOVE this dress! The flowers are very cute and the cut out heart is nice, althougt as it's a winter dress, won't you be cold in rhe back?
    Kisses from Portugal!


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