Monday, February 18, 2013

a refashioned peplum

remember this loverly llbean dress purchased just about a month ago?  well after a good wash and dry [which removed an obscene amount of dog hair and ..a used tissue], the dress waited for inspiration to strike.

ultimately, inspiration required math, which i am always loathe to do.  you would think as an engineer i wouldnt mind drawing up a little sewing sketch and calculating some quickie numbers.  we you would be wrong.  i suppose it has to do with follow-through and fear of failure, in that once i do math, something better come out of it.  like.. not a ufo [unfinished object].  but i digress as i prevailed!

since the top of the dress fit well enough, i cut it off at the natural waist and crammed it on my sewing mannequin.  i grabbed some bits at the raw edge - in back along the same line as the shoulder pleat, and in front matching the pocket button and halfway between that and the side seam - and made mini pleats.  with the length i cut off, i drafted up the wonkiest circle skirt ever, serged it even, and threw that pupper on.  attached the two pieces, reinforced the seam at the button placket, and voila: peplum tunic from a terrible 1990's schoolmarm/scary religious lady dress.

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  1. Girl, you done good with that top! Can you please come live with me and sew all my clothes, please?

  2. hehe thanks! only if you can tolerate sporadic bursts of craftytime... like until 3am one day and then not for a week.


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