Sunday, February 24, 2013

asian dinner

but, wait, you say.  that looks like cheesey jalapeno boats with crab cake and arugula and a curry beef pot pie in a crispy filo/croissant hybrid dough with beet salad.  that's not asian..

but the company was!

happy birthday to my korean cousin younji!  we went to the pepperclub and since we had a group of 11 in a little tiny restaurant, they reopened the breakfast-side the good egg and sat us there.  i joked they segregated the asians [in maine we are still kind of a rare occurance] but it did seem like a fortuitous placement, as we got to avoid yelling over the down-home twangy live music in the other room.

the food was amazing, the company was incredibly welcoming especially since i have only known 9 of the crew for about 8 months, and good times and desserts were had by all, i think including our waitress.  she tried not to be too annoyed by the fact that we were still there an hour after closing, but we were very appreciative and tipped well over the added gratuity. 


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