Sunday, September 30, 2012

ufo sightings

probably not my most original thrift/refashion ever.. but i apparently forgot that i knew how to do elastic ruching for .. oh the last year.  or two.  and with my amazing chalk skills [sidewalk sized not fancy sewing sized] i ruched 3 rows at the waist, and holy crap the lines are straight.  genius.

i bought some elastic and "vintage" belt buckles on etsy.  and made some belts.  after the pieces sat on my desk since ahem.  august.  looking downward in shame.

a belt in purple as well.  i bought this ridiculous giraffe fabric months ago as well.  and finally hemmed the bottom of the skirt.  it is absurdly twee.  and i will attempt to age it a bit for work.  like..with a purple blazer.  and pumps.  and a collared shirt.  or something.

a not-sorbetto-patterned high-low tank.. the pattern was made from a tank top i bought at h&m.  and the top was originally the skirt below.  and the wool skirt received a serious chop.  like half the length of the skirt.  and the lining as well, which should prove very convenient seeing as it is nearly tights weather and static is a bitch.

two simple skirt hack jobs.  well the grey one was a little more involved since the lining was sewn into the front button placket.  but i did some stitch unpicking and sorted that right out. 

and finally... the most absurd palazzo/pajama/work pants ever.  from target.  and i finally hemmed them about 2".  work appropriate with a blazer?  right?

oh and ufos.  if you were wondering.  and read all the way down to here thinking "this girl is crazy".  it stands for unfinished objects.  and technically i finished 9.  so suck on that.

linking up to erica's recycled fashion finds #56!
Recycled Fashion


  1. Erica @ Recycled FashionOctober 1, 2012 at 6:36 AM

    Hahah UFO's, I've got a ton of them! Really like your skirt to top refashion, and the first skirt to dress too. Recycled Fashion Finds will be back next week, would love it if you could link up again :)

  2. thanks! i will definitely link up and..hopefully i'll have some more ufo's finished by then!

  3. whoa those are some pants buddy. can you imagine me wearing those?

  4. hahha they would be really good with some of your crazy high heels. but so ankle-breakingly impractical in portland..

  5. whoa those are some pants buddy. can you imagine me wearing those?


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