Monday, September 10, 2012

childhood tendencies

not cos i drank wine a lot as a child.  i think its just a good above-the-fold pic.

i have attended more meetings in my 3 1/2 months at my current job than i ever have.  in my life.  granted theyre generally quite informative and short...but my god.  so many.  and i still doodle to stay awake like i did through pretty much all 18 years of school.
i also find cursive to still be massively difficult.  as a child i had a now "vintage" version of babar, written in cursive.  i couldnt read half the book.  and i was more than proficient with the words and such.  20+ years later... i can barely read cursive, much less write it.  so i randomly write down phrases during meetings so i appear to be paying attention and also just to practice my handwriting.  which pretty much everyone i know can attest to as being horrid.  i write in all caps as a habit from high school debate.. and it was supposed to make my writing larger and more legible.  it half works?

back to legos.

last week we revived our dinner and bad drive-in movie night.  but before the movie we may have a a wee bit of wine and busted out the legos.  and lincoln logs.  excuse me.  "american logs" that i picked up at the most terrifying [sketchy] flea market in brunswick.  but my friend made a summer home.  ...i personally wouldnt stay in it.

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