Thursday, September 27, 2012

lady suits

sooooo work clothes.  we had a new guy start in our department this week.  i assume he is younger than i am, only due to the fact that he is still finishing an undergrad degree.  but in all reality i could be totally wrong.  regardless, the 3 days he has been at our office he has worn slacks, a collared shirt, and a skinny tie.  relatively chic for a guy and yet not too much for a "business casual" office.  then again, thankfully, far from pushing the lazy line that most of our guys adapt, ie... wrinkled khaki cargos and a mussed tee. 

but back to the title of the post.  guy clothes are easy.  i have two good friends starting work soon and they are looking for what we have coined "lady suits".  biz casual for our generation does not mean a staid uniform of pencil skirts and collared secretary shirts.  and this is probably the most words ive strung together in paragraph form in months.  and i my first foray into polyvore.  this could potentially be yet another dangerous timesuck.  soooo pictures.

out of my ridic closet i chose 30 items.  kind of like a 30 x 30 challenge.  except i only made 20 outfits.  cos thats how many days you work during a month.... no it just happened that i came up with 17 using each piece and then had to round it out to 20.  which pleased my organizational ocd.  and since its maine and its fall, the color scheme and clothing lengths reflect the sad sad approach to winter.
tops: turquoise tee,  navy vneck tee, turquoise tailored shirt, white tailored shirt, chambray shirt
skirts: neon maxi, wool weird pattered skirt, grey pleated wool skirt, polka dot skirt, striped skirt
pants: skinny navy, olive green/black/khaki trousers, skinny grey
blazers: pink tweed, grey tweed, black, brown semi military, bright blue
dresses: blue patterned, grey short sleeved, turquoise/khaki shift, black shirt
other: ridic long sleeved animal print dress, pink paisley dress, zebra dress, vest, purple sweater

as it turns out, half the items i chose [basically at random] are thrifted and half i bought off-the-rack. the clearance rack most likely.  anyway.  i tried to find similar items on polyvore.  harder than you might think.  but i came up with this facsimile:
and then played with polyvore for wayyy too long.  its only like 4 hours past my bedtime as i struggle to type this.  as with any 30 x 30 i didnt include accessories or what i consider to be extraneous layering items - tanks, tees, leggings, tights.  click through for outfit details on each set.  or whatever the eff they call it in polyvore. 


  1. nice. i have some random things too and am not creative. maybe i should try.

  2. if you search for "black dress" there are a bajillion things. the next step is.... adding colors. hehe


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