Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weekend adventures

a friend/former coworker flew in for the weekend.  we packed in about two weeks worth of adventuring into 4 [ish] days.  and walked a crapton. 

thursday: she arrived at 1130pm, we stayed up chatting until 2.

friday: stand up paddle boarding lesson, delicious fries and paninis [duck confit and corned beef tongue ruben] at duckfat, and then home relatively early to watch a terrible hilarious remake of 21 jump street.

saturday: brewfest, picnic supper and a nap in the park, froyo, wandering portland, and absurd amounts of arrested development.

sunday: flea market, two points beach [my all time favorite], vietnamese dinner, and more arrested development

monday: peak's island, fort williams, a lobster roll, and a bbq

tuesday: sadly, back to the real world. 


  1. we had lobster rolls too! well, some of us did. one of us could not.

  2. Awesome pictures! Seriously, how often do folks post travel pics that are flat and boring? These are amazing, full of sensory stimuli! Very cool.

  3. daw. they were good with the chippies, otherwise a bit too rich for moi. i can now say ive had a lobster roll...but id still prefer fried haddock or something along those lines

  4. thank you! maine is a gorgeous place [when its not under 5 feet of snow] and my phone takes surprisingly good pics


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