Monday, September 24, 2012

weekend adventures

frank admiring the outdoors, some portland graffiti, and pins that i intend to gift.  and not horde for myself.  promise.

we went apple picking!  granted it was rather inconvenient to drive to in the middle of nowhere maine and a friend got in a car accident on the way [he and his buddy are fine] and we all had to cram in the car to get home an hour....  but apples!  and fall!  and cider donuts!  and apple dumplings with ice cream!  mostly good times.
 some more apples
and pumpkins.  on an unrelated note, one of my [phone] app updates was an hd version of the photo grid i used above.  things should look a tad better.


  1. I love when kitties stand up like little humans. <3 Frank! And apples!!

  2. i have this totally unrealistic fear that frank will suddenly start walking around my apartment upright... and he'll learn how to open doors


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