Thursday, September 13, 2012

chicken kale blueberries

but not together.  that would be the craziest salad ever.  top row: buttermilk marinated chicken aka chicken parm minus the marinara and mozz.  middle: kaaaaale chips!  with parm.  bottom: blueberry cornmeal muffins.  subpar right out of the oven.  hopefully theyve improved after sitting for a day.  cos im feeding them to the seester and taking the rest to work...

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  1. hahahaha... phew.. i was like, together??? they all looked yummy individually! hows your job going?

  2. hahh no i didnt eat them together. within like 10 minutes but ..separately.

    the job is actually going quite well. last week was a little hectic but im definitely staying busy. sadly theres a little less time for crafty pursuits.

  3. hehehe.. phew! glad to hear that your job is going well.. worry not, i'm sure soon you will find time to sneak in some crafty projects!


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