Thursday, September 1, 2011

post-hurricane happenings

so irene.  kudos.  you produced countless facebook posts, the evacuation of lower manhattan, and general chaos and panic buying of bread and tuna.  and for what?  well here on the island we were hit by a mere tropical storm that caused some flooding and downed trees.  no hurricane and not much serious damage...just little annoyances.
like no electricity from sunday at 5am until wednesday at 4am. 

and the only reason i know these times is saturday night [after drinking hurricanes] we went to bed at 330 when the internet and cable died, and leak frogs went off at 430 to let me know, oh yes.  the kitchen window is leaking thru the sill, down the wall, thru the floorboards, and straight into the basement.  now there was still electricity at this point, but having been blearily asleep for an hour i forgot to turn on the lights.  in my basement there are several options for where potential flooding could occur.  in my actual bedroom where my somewhat walk-in closet is, the laundry room, and the back basement.  i staggered between the three for awhile, hearing the blaring beepbeepbeep *pause* beepbeepbeep.  not nearly as adorable as the little plastic frog would imply.  
and the reason i knew when the power came back on ...well partially cos the fan started blowing on my face, my phone bleeped to let me know it was charging [thank god] and i heard a roommate on the stairs.  as it turns out in a moment of desperate optimism, i had turned on the bathroom light before a midnight pee.  in the dark.  the light switch controls both the light and the fan, so when the electric returned, the fan rattled back to life.  and the duct goes right through her bedroom.  oops.
last update:  karl has cocooned! 

and um.. you thought that was the last of the caterpillars... oh no. 

the last round of carrot greens brought in a swallowtail egg!  itty bitty orange thing that hatched when we werent paying attention.  at first we assumed it was a little piece of poo but it kept moving.  lo and behold, it was about a millimeter of wandering caterpillar.  now in my defense, the little bastard [lovely dubbed bruce] has gone through his first and second instar stages [ickle 'pillar milestones if you want to be twee] veeery quickly, and is now just a smaller lighter version of what karl was when i found him.  so no pictures of him being a little spiny black length with a white belly stripe. 

wah waah.  perhaps bruce will reach his full-grown stage quickly and cocoon next to karl so we can stop cleaning up frikkin caterpillar poop. 

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