Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the breakfast experience

near our office is a full service deli/restaurant/catering business.  excellent [though a little pricey] food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  this morning i stopped in to grab a bacon/egg/cheese croissant in the hopes of staving off another shitty shitty day.  so far it has worked.  here was my exchange:

me-walking up to line to pay for my croissant sandwich, turkey wrap [for lunch-pictured above]; i grabbed a bag of chips

old guy: WHOA you kinda crept up there on me
me: uh sorry
old guy: didnt even hear you until you crinkled those chips.  all stealth-like
me: uh yup

me-dropped bag of chips cos im awesome, then bent down to get them
old guy-does old man heave trying to help me with chips
me-placed chips back on counter before old guy reaches floor

old guy: whoa youre a fast one there
me: kinda..
old guy: what are you 25?
me: yup
old guy: wow.  young and fast
me: umm k bye

usually when people try and make small talk just for the sake of hearing their own dribble it annoys me.  today however, it was pretty hilarious and all i could do not to straight up laugh at the guy.

and the croissant was DELICIOUS

*edit* the pinwheels were lacking but i will definitely attempt the sliced turkey-slaw-rollup idea in the future.

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