Thursday, September 8, 2011

bruce, karl, and some garden updates

bruce, our newest caterpillar, has gone into the weird chrysalis-izing stage.  karl is still...cocooned up and may or may not have just died in there.  unclear.  its been 10+ days...  but atleast i could finally clean out all the caterpillar poo.  all clean and waiting for someone to emerge.
in preparation for fall garden stuff, i planted broccoli, broccolini, radishes, and snow peas.  and by planted i mean..dumped a bunch of seeds in the dirt and gave them some water.  but they have sprouted!  and due to copious amounts of rain/hurricane/flooding, the older plants are doing surprisingly well! 
thai basil
two greenish red peppers peaking out from behind the foliage
cucumbers growing merrily on a trellis

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