Monday, September 19, 2011

wine tour photos

these are all on the ubiquitous facebook.  along with a bunch of group pics, posed shots, and drunkards.  but thats par for a wine tour no?
purses and glasses waiting at a picnic table at baiting hollow.  no good horsey close ups, but we did almost witness a stallion fight..
long island's first potato vodka distillery.  and only i would assume. but one never knows.  and i guess they dont grow potatoes every year as our visit culminated in some glamour shots on a deck overlooking abandoned turned out fields.  loverly.
the bottling room at palmer vineyard.  looks a bit like an industrial milker.. but supposedly it corks in the tasty. 
a quote worthy of some wines.  others are bottled sour pain.  and/or the asian flush.  but im sure some consist of poetry.  or cause people to think they speak in poetic utterances.
tasting flights.  the "summer sweet selection" gewurztraminer, lighthouse white, and sunrise sunset.  oh the inspiration...
grapes at vineyard 48.  these idyllic rows cant begin to convey the lovely/trashy dj playing bad 90s hits in attempt at making girls in stilettos shake it on a gravel dance floor. 
so peaceful looking fading off into the horizon

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