Monday, September 12, 2011

oas 46

the roommate and i attended what we assumed was a high class art show/market.  the hosting gallery has some pretty decent exhibits and talented artists.  from the event website: 
Over 135 exhibitors from the east coast will be displaying and selling paintings, works on paper, sculpture and photography, as well as jewelry, and crafts in ceramics, wood, glass, fiber and other media.
welp.  yes, there were vendors selling all that.  and to put it as my roommate did, there were also vendors who were pretty obviously bored rich women who thought they were making art.  people of the world: just cos you can crochet a beaded hat for your dog...doesnt mean you should.  and do not try and sell it as art.  similarly, stringing a plastic pepper and some bedazzled shit on a leather cord does not a beautiful piece of jewelry make. 

furthermore, and this is my favorite, altering a picture with preset photoshop layers is not art.  even if you print it on a 80x100 canvas and price it at $250.  i can do that too.  im not an artist [pronounced are-teeest].

but there were some [sadly less than half] quite talented artists with classy booths and i picked up a few cards with websites to investigate further.  also it was rather depressing visiting a market on a partially employed student's budget.  no $40 necklaces for moi.  but it was a gorgeous day and i got a few decent pics. 

a wood necklace display

approximately 1/2 mile of vendors set up in the sun
somewhat kitchy but nice tied bouquets of herbs and dried flowers
flattened glass bottles.  "perfect for cheese service"  for the low low price of $80...
a crane mobile

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