Thursday, September 1, 2011

cocktail dress

sunday is the much anticipated wine tour!  8 lovely ladies all dolled up sipping [...right] delicious long island grown wines!  for 8 hours..  there may be snoring in the limo on the way home. 

after perusing my closet i decided nothing would quite work and/or id already worn my ideal dressy dresses.  plus... in and out of a limo, possibly uneven terrain, rescue horses, and possible rain = no long gown type dealios.

so i decided to sew a dress.  and then we had a hurricane.  and no electricity.  and then someone borrowed my iron for 2 days.
but i cut out a pattern from and older h&m dress and transferred it to some cheapo "china lining" fabric i bought ...nearly 1 1/2 years ago.  and a random black piece of schmancy lace. 
basically just two jumper shaped pieces serged together at the shoulders and the left side.  who puts a zipper on the right side?  someone who wasnt paying attention.  thats who.

the dress stayed in this state for several days with just pins holding it together.  after some futzing, i realized, as per usual, id fucked up the fit and while the zipper went in surprisingly well [basting works?!] the top was all kinds of wrong.  solution?  chop off the back. 
several lengths of bias tape later, i edged the arm holes and back.  the leftovers were braided and attached to the twisted front strap, et voila!  dress!  completed 2 days in advance!!

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