Saturday, August 20, 2011

the new roommate

what has 3 pairs of legs, retractable antennae/stink ports, and poops a lot? 
a carrot-top eating caterpillar!
note 3 sets of legs, 4 sets of pseudopods, no spines, no hairs, and.... failed attempt at biological classification.  just google "green caterpillar yellow spot black stripe" et voila!  an eastern black swallowtail caterpillar in its 5th instar [life stage]! 
osmetria [stink ports] that emerge and retract after a light poke to the head
internet, meet karl the caterpillar.  karl, please stop pooping all over your nice little teapothome.  and please chrysalis soon as we dont want to hold you all winter.  kthxbai.


  1. cool! don't kill i would.....

  2. idk if he has given up on cocooning. pretty sure hes not dead, just resting for a day..


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