Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a new dress

pinning fabric to my dress form is always much easier than sewing.  but it gives me a general idea of what the hell im doing.  ie cutting a slit for an arm hole...and semi-ruching the side.

one shoulder non-hoochy leopard dress
the back is surprisingly flattering as well
shoulder is a sort of knot , but i sewed down the two end tabs to avoid any future wardrobe malfunctions.  plus i dont like my clothes unintentionally flapping. 
the side.  and a very clear shot of what the fabric looks like.  it turns out.. i much prefer the "bright light" cfls to the yellowy "real" warm light of the ones trying to look like incandescent.  idk about i cant afford that shit at the moment.  and yes we have been discussing lighting colors and pricing at work.  frequently and persistently.  im not just blabbing on crazily.

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