Thursday, August 18, 2011

dyeing and sewing

remember the butter yellow dress i thrifted?  now its a dark sage.  and much improved if i do say so.    now.. if i only had somewhere to wear it..
this calvin klein shirt/tunic/thing has been worn a grand total of once since i bought it 3+ years ago now.  but after cutting off the awkwardly long straps and adding elastic... its a pleated skirt! 

i love the remnants bin at joann's.  danger zone.  i bought green vinyl and sheer paisley brown/green/orange fabric.  and made a wrap skirt/dress thing.  i have no idea how i will ever wash it... but that is beside the point. 

and finally...the white dress from ny&co that i wore once to school and once for a ballroom dance event got dipped in the dye bath along with the first dress.  granted, i have multiple items in the same colors, but i decided a very light mint would be nice.  a tad darker than i intended, but maybe with a few more washes it will lighten.  then again rit dye is rather toxic and supposedly permanent so.. perhaps it wont.


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