Sunday, August 7, 2011

how to recover an ikea cushion

in only 17 easy [not really] steps!
and yes i know the front right corner is a little wonky.  you get what you pay for.

step 1: tolerate cheap slightly country red cushions for several years. 

step 2: have roommate purchase 2 nice new colbalt blue cushions
step 3: cut rectangle of matching fabric and skip ironing due to laziness [a poor choice]
step 4: sew large hem to form back pocket of pillow cover
step 5: fold over other side and smash some pins in there for good measure.
step 6: prepare to pin for the next half hour
step 7: pin easy corners and some sides, pinning nearer to what will become the bottom side [picture eventually]
step 8: curse self for starting with easy corner and then tuck fabric into difficult corner [aligns with the back of the chair].  pin fabric in corner to cushion for ..sort of ease
step 9: pin corners at 90 degree angle and hope for the best
step 10: admire side view and wonder what to do with weird flap of extra fabric
step 11: make up some fold and then pin remaining flat side keeping pins on what will be the underside of the pillow. 
step 12: remove pillow and try to begin sewing. 
step 13: realize all pins are facing the wrong way and repin.
step 14: using pinking shears cut away excess fabric
step 15: hope to hell pillow fits inside case
step 16: voila!  a recovered chair cushion!
step 17: realize all that effort into making sure the inside corners were near perfect was for naught as they are hidden by the chair back anyway.  balls.


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