Thursday, August 11, 2011

liz's laundry

here is a ridic number of "what i wore" pics.  highlights: big hair, a surprising amount of color, and shorts.  see the very last pic for my awesome braid that withstood 2 overly giddy windows and roof open driving trips [actually traveling above 70 instead of at a lurching standstill] on the southern state and the LIE! 

to whet your appetite for poorly lit outfit shots...
 rather badly matched ombre nails like a pin i found, and a green version of the bracelet cf.

with black and white plastic sunglasses i reckon i looked a bit tom cruise/risky business.  and i not only went to walmart [scary] for random office supply stock ups, but i got takeout and went to the bank.  pretty much should have been wearing white tube socks as well.
  • shirt: h&m
  • shorts: old navy 
  • tunic: inc [macys]
  • capri jeggings: uniqlo
  • costume pearls: hand me down from grammie
  • overly stretch outable tank and skirt: h&m
  • asymmetric tank [cross back strap]: forever 21
  • shorts: old navy
  • necklace: kenneth cole
  • strapless thing: formerly a romper from target
  • leggings that have since died: target
  • overly frizzed poofy hair: a combination of not putting product in and the dangers of humidity
  • shirt: esprit
  • blue tank underneath: forever 21
  • white shorts: ny&co
  • belt: h&m [later removed due to midsection strangulation]
der hairsenburger.  a french braid twisty loop thinger.  and yes i make up german sounding words now.  i am fluent in both spanglish and germanglish. 


  1. @cammila: thanks! the nails have about worn their welcome..and by that i mean chipped off halfway...

    @leah: the braid nicely showcases the 4+ different colors in my hair. i found a white hair yesterday! O_o its in the trash now.


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