Sunday, August 7, 2011

lewin berries

a saturday adventure to lewin farm turned out highly successful
red raspberries, golden raspberries, blackberries:  $3.75 a pound.  not a pint.  not a half pint.  per pound.  and blackberries are a bit heavy..but a pound of raspberries is a shitload.  thats the official weight designation.  shitload.  

raspberries in various stages of life
blackberries and not quite blackberries
trader joe's bags conveniently hold two containers of berries
plentiful berries
blueberries!  i think a bit cheaper per pound.  $3.50?
almost a whole container of blueberries
one peach eating another.  or birthing.  not entirely sure.
millions of peaches, peaches for meee
lewin's crates
white morning glories
massive snake squash
moderately overpriced veggies.  apparently the lack of transportation costs means fuck all. 
corn that tasted nearly like iowa?  whaaaat?  it looked much better than the sign..
our newly arranged counter with ikea knife strip and a letter organizer used to store cutting boards
prepping blueberries to freeze, next to apropos blue ikea glasses and a blue dish towel
a quick raspberry sauce hiding in the back of the fridge
the fruits [har har] of mostly kathrin's labor: canned peaches, blueberry marmalade, raspberry jam; my effort-quick dilly beans.  it turns out i cant stand 95 degree heat.  so i got the hell out of the kitchen and hid in the basement with my sewing machine and a large box fan. 

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