Wednesday, June 23, 2010

things ive seen

this potentially could encompass everything ...ever. but mostly im focusing on the last week at work.

long island does in fact have squirrels. i thought only stray cats and large marsupials that mostly end up as road kill. oddly enough after i took this not so great picture i almost ran over another squirrel.

a new car! that ive now put 250+ miles on... work is a bummer. really. but at least i have use of the brand new company civic. instead of the ghetto ass old audi that made horrid creaking noises when it turned to the left. it also had 108,000 miles on it...and it wasnt a honda. ie well past the end of its lifespan.

"the best stuff on earth just got better". well i have to say plumagranate while tasting like i have no idea what... [i like the idea of pomegranate flavoring but it really just tastes like red juicy with a little crunch] rather tasty. being diet it is full of chemicals [instead of sugar] but doesnt have the cloying aftertaste of some drinks. its not overly sweet or too flavored like the peach version. and blah blah its probably not made from hand picked sustainable leaves and mixed with the tears of organic puppies... but it was cheap. and unlike vita coco, the $2.59 new craze of hipster brooklyn [now spreading like an infestation], it doesnt taste like someone pissed in a coconut and then stuck a straw in it. which really, to their credit, is how coconut water actually tastes. having had a freshly machete-ed open honduran green coconut, with a straw stuck in it, i can personally verify this.

these creepy motherfuckers are all over suburbia. who ever thought it was a good idea to nail a face to a tree? cos really.. tree momma is creepin on mr toad. he just wants to go for a wild ride and/or not get hit by a lawnmower.

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